Warp Jive


Envelope Phaser

warp jive manual

It runs quite easily on 9 volts (no battery). It delivers the Funk. The whole Funk, and nothin’ but the Funk.

You can choose between 4, 6, and 8 stages. Higher number equals more, deeper, whackier. You can also use the LFO or EF. LFO means it just automatically cycles up and down like a regular phaser and EF means it reacts to how hard you play.

4 knobs give you control over: rate (only on LFO mode), feedback, range (only on EF mode), and sensitivity (only EF mode).

Dialing this effect in will take approximately one metric hot minute. Everything on the EF mode depends 100% on your instrument and playing dynamic, so no set number will put you in the zone.

What you can expect:

You can really do anything from whacky to subtle. The sweet spot has a pronounced “vocal” quality. This effect was created with  bass in mind, but the flexibility easily translates to its plinky 6 string cousin.

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