Other Stuff

Miscellaneous things I also have available:


Switcherdoodle Mini-L


A daughter board designed to tidy up and make true-bypass builds easy peasy.

Features slightly enlarged pads to make soldering easier. (we’re not talking huge here) Several points for ground and V+ connection to make star grounding easy, as well as hooking up additional daughter boards. Black PCB to be that much more classy. Clearly marked silk screen for easy hookup. Instruction manual provided via PDF (SwitcherdoodleOM). This is only the board, not the switch.

IMPORTANT!!! – This board is designed to work with the mini 3pdt stomp switch available at BLMS and will not work with a standard sized stomp switch. Click here to go to the purchase page for that switch.

I currently have about 30 of these available and I’m asking $1 plus shipping. Shipping in the US will be by envelope but marked as parcel, therefore, most likely shipping will be $3.50. Since I don’t have e-commerce enabled on my site yet, just hit me up via my contact page. If you are a member of the Petalberdz of Derm Facebook group, let me know and you get a special deal.