Dirty 6th Overdrive

The Dirty 6th is currently offered in the 2 footswitch format. Affectionately dubbed “Thessalhydra”. Primary switch is for on/bypass. Secondary is to select which drive knob is active. Keep a lower setting on the drive, and a higher one on the “goose” knob to push it further. Further, using the body and clip mod switches, you can go from a light drive to something that really pushes your amp.

Currently offered in powdercoated, uv printed, handpainted design. That’s not a list of choices. It has all that. Obviously, they are made one at a time with a lot of attention to detail. I take some amount of requests when it comes to the painting design I like to keep it fairly relaxing to build.



Dirty 6th

Here are some past builds:



Dirty 6th

The Dirty 6th is a simple overdrive pedal with one job to do, and it does it well. Massive overdrive and mid boost.

It comes ready to play in a stock setup but also includes the fat mod, and selecting LED clipping. Gain, level, tone, true bypass, and 2 mini toggles.

Power required is 9 volts DC with a normal barrel type connector.

Here’s Eddie out for a lovely stroll with his Dirty 6th!


If you own a Sunday Driver or Dirty 6th and need some technical information or help, please contact me using the contact form.