Custom Options

The Dirty 6th is offered currently in the “Thessalhydra” format. That means the circuit board is designed to accommodate these 4 knobs and 4 switches in exactly the positions shown. It can be built to support housing a battery if you’re fine with the single footswitch and sacrificing the 2nd gain knob. Clipping diodes can be substituted for a number of different configurations. The bass cut-off frequency can be modified to taste. In the future, it may be possible to add a charge pump to run at 18 volts which will open the door for more mods such as a clean blend.

Can you order a Dirty 6th with the knobs in completely different positions than show here? Short answer: No. Longer answer: Do you need the printed labels for the controls? If so, then the long answer is also no. If you don’t want the labels at all and you do want it hand painted (don’t even ask if I will hand paint lettering – I don’t) – then let’s talk.

D6 Laout

Texas 3 ready bluebonnet