Makin’ stuff

I woke up with the idea that, since the interesting bits are actually paper, maybe I could watercolor paint on it. I did some youtubing and came up with the idea of using food color or tea or coffee. I actually painted several things before I tried the pedal. Turns out the paper on the pedal is too porous to take watercolor in an way other than a random wash. So I threw red at it until it looked like hamburger and then baked it. (The one on the right) These are both Dirty 6th modded in a format I’m calling Thessalhydra (8 controls). Basically at your feet you’ve got your bypass/on and another switch to select your alternate gain selection. You can go from off to on to OMG IT’S SO ON. I’ve committed to making 7 of these. 3 are sold.

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