Moskow Mule


“Treble Booster”

Moskow Mule

Kick your tube amplifier into overdrive. An amplifier that is right on the edge of clipping can be sent into creamy distortion and sustain for days. The Moskow Mule is meant to be used with an overdriven amplifier but also works well driving overdrive or tonebed pedals that are on the verge of clipping. Features include:

  • true-bypass
  • star grounding
  • high and mid range boost common to germanium boost pedals
  • volume that goes to 11

This type of pedal by nature depends on the component directly before it in the signal chain to determine how it will sound. Different pickups, volume settings, etc make a huge difference. Depending on that setup, the pedal can sound quite dark. If the pedal is placed in the chain with a buffer before it, it will sound different.